Selling on ebay…

I started selling on ebay. It is a really a great platform and I’ve made lots of money using it. There’s just one BIG problem.

The problem with ebay…

Selling on Amazon…

I’ve tried selling on Amazon. Honestly, this is a great option for a lot of people who make money online. There’s a catch to making money selling on (especially if you’re just starting).

The catch with Amazon…

Make money blogging?

Haha! This is the last thing that I attempted in making money online. I only wish I had started sooner! But there’s a LOT they don’t tell you about making money blogging.

Can you make $ blogging?

You’re the HERO of your story

“Who told you that?”A quote that has never left me, given by a dude who probably had no idea of the impact that one statement would make.

If you could explain how you got to your current place in life, would you start by saying that you’re EXACTLY where you want to be?

Here’s the tough truth: You are exactly where you want to be. Wait. Hear me out. What I mean is that the one human freedom we have is the ability to choose our response to the world around us – we’re not robots. If you are reading this, you’re reading it because you know that you have the power to do something with your life. You may not know how to get from your current place to the place in your dreams – but you know that you can do SOMETHING.

What’s your next move?

A great man once said, “What do you want?” That question has the ability to transform you, your life, and everything around you. So, I ask you the same thing: What do you want?